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The Aguilera Law Group represents clients in federal and state appellate courts throughout the country, including state supreme courts, the thirteen federal circuit courts, and the U.S. Supreme Court. We provide valuable assistance to clients at all stages of litigation, during and prior to trial, pre- and post-verdict, and throughout the appeals process. The firm’s attorneys have successfully handled appellate matters in such diverse legal areas as contract law, business torts, class actions, medical device and drug litigation, toxic torts, intellectual property, insurance coverage, subrogation, professional liability, securities, labor and employment, health law, and white collar crime.

The firm’s front-line appellate advocates use their skills to ensure the best possible outcome on appeal. During trial, they work closely with lead trial counsel to frame issues; ensure that the record is properly developed and protected; and identify the best factual and legal arguments for any appeal. After the close of trial, appellate attorneys provide an integrated analysis of the trial record and relevant case law; write persuasive briefs and appellate documents; and advocate in court before appellate judges and panels. What differentiates The Aguilera Law Group’s appellate lawyers is their deep understanding of the trial process, ability to conduct sophisticated analyses of pertinent legal theories that will be compelling to an appellate court, and commitment to providing practical, business-minded counsel. Our attorneys are particularly well informed about current trends in the appellate field and are able to offer clients prescient strategic advice.



  • Advise trial counsel prior to and during trial to ensure the proper identification and preservation of appellate issues

  • Handle all types of appellate matters, even in cases where the firm had no prior involvement at trial

  • Analyze the trial record, supporting documents, and relevant law in order to develop appellate strategies to ensure the presentation of the most compelling legal arguments to an appellate court

  • Prepare comprehensive and persuasive appellate briefs and other appellate documents

  • Present oral arguments in appellate courts before individual judges or judicial panels

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